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Welcome to Visit Rockingham County Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find the andswer to you question please use the contact link in the menu above. We will continue to update this page as more questions come in.

Aren't these free listings? Can I manage listings without paying?

Yes and no. While we may allow you to claim or add your business or entity listing, only a basic listing is free. We will offer different models such as Basic Listings, Premium Listings, Featured Listings, Event Listings and more. For your listing to be featured, edited without approval, add additional images or videos, and other options, this requires an upgraded package. This also helps keep out spam listings as a spammer will not want to pay to be able to add or update items in a listing.

Can I have more than one business listing?

Sure, we have a package to fit you needs that allows for more than one listing. Please visit PACKAGES for more details. If you don’t see a package that fits, we can design a package today to fit your needs.

Can I post my listing for free?

Yes, if you know a place - even if it’s not yours - you can post for free! Each user can post up to one listing for free. Remember if you don't actually own an item in a listing, the real owner can take it once they are a member on the website by claiming ownership. Visit Rockingham County can take ownership of the listing at your request or at our discretion.

Can I search a specific business on VisitRockinghamCounty.com?

Absolutely, Visit Rockingham County directory has many listings which you can search a business name, or simply search what trade or service you need in Rockingham County area. Listings are searchable by location, category and name.

Do you create custom made company websites?

We create custom made company websites with domains and web hosting. Please use the contact form if you would like to talk to us about your website needs.

Does it cost anything to list my business in this directory?

There is not a cost to place a basic listing on this directory. There are package options for additional features that can be purchased.

Does my business have to be in Rockingham County to be listed ?

Yes. The purpose of the directory is to provide information to residents and visitors about Rockingham County as well as promote the businesses within the county. We also have other directories for some nearby counties including Guilford County and Forsyth County. Advertising is available for businesses and entities both inside and outside of the county.

How can I advertise with Visit Rockingham County?

We have plenty of advertising space to get your point across. Key selling points of Visit Rockingham County portal is for you to grow, not break your pockets...For advertising and featured promotions visit ADVERTISING. You can also contact us through our contact form or send us an email: ADVERTISING

How long does it takes for my listing to be visible on VisitRockinghamCounty.com?

Once your free account has been created, your listing will be validated, and it will become visible on Visit Rockingham County within 12 hours usually but could take 24-48 hours. In the case that you purchase an upgraded package your listing may appear instantly.

I can’t do the listing by myself. Can you help?

Yes, we can have a consultant contact you to assist you with completing your listing if you find it too challenging to complete by yourself. However, you will be responsible for any logistics involved in the process.

I have just registered my account but I haven’t received the password reset email.

If you have created a Visit Rockingham County account and you haven’t received the password reset email you can use the Contact form to inform us of this problem. We will guide you through your registration process.

Is it okay if I cancel my subscription package after a year?

Yes. You are free to cancel your package at any time. Just remember that when a package is cancelled our lock is removed. Any listings created for/by you may come down, listings that you had added/claimed and updated may revert to their previous basic listing.

My business is already listed. Can I claim my business listing?

Yes, if a business is already listed in the directory, the real owner can take it once they are a member on the website by claiming ownership. Visit Rockingham County can approve ownership of the listing at our discretion once we review your claim.

What are listing requirements and what should I know about being listed?

All posters are preferred to be registered business owners or an authorized representative of the business or entity that they list in the Visit Rockingham County Directory Portal. All listings MUST have accurate contact information.  If any information listed is invalid, the listing may be removed or edited at the discretion of Visit Rockingham County staff. All listings are required to be grammatically correct, professional and cannot contain any derogatory, slanderous, discriminatory, nude or any overall offensive content. These type posts can lead to banning from our website and possible legal actions.  

PLEASE NOTE that Visit Rockingham County and Monster Bucket Studios reserve the right to deny or remove any business or other listing at its discretion without prior notice.

What is an online business directory and its advantage?

Our online business directory is the best directory portal that gives companies tools for advertising their products and services as well as local services and recreation. It has an event planner and advertising tools. Interactive buttons that allow customers to send e-mails directly to listing owners. There are over 300 categories and 9 locations in county. The business directory helps companies and customers find each other.

What is the benefit of joining Visit Rockingham County?

By registering your business, people can easily find your business or event details online and this helps your business or event to be promoted. It also helps with tourism by giving travelers easier access to local entities.

What is VisitRockinghamCounty.com?

VisitRockinghamCounty.com is an advanced online local directory that is driven by technology to engage its visitors and provide information on local businesses. We provide facility for users to register and submit their business details for free. Everyone who visits the website will be able to search the listings of specific categories in their location. Visit Rockingham County provides the following capabilities:

  • Detailed information on businesses including opening hours, telephone, email and maps
  • Reviews and 5 star ratings of businesses to help users make better buying decisions
  • Interactive 3D & 360 degree panoramic maps to showcase inside & outside of some businesses
  • Special Portfolio Section to showcase businesses to our users
  • Special Promotion Section to promote special products to our users

Links to local recreation, community services, history and more

What should I do if I want a link removed from the directory?

Please let us know of your removal request through the contact link on the menu at the top of the page.

What will listing my business or entity cost me?

Short answer: Nothing for a basic listing. Entry into Visit Rockingham County's database is absolutely free of charge. We would like to encourage businesses of all sizes to list in our directory with detailed information about their products and/or services provided. Packages are available for more capabilities like featured listings, videos and gallery.

Where will my advertising appear?

We can put you in front of customers no matter how they search. There is a placement specific layout available on our advertising page. As well as being listed in the Visit Rockingham County directory, we'll give your listing to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!, as well as mapping sites such as Google maps. We'll also make sure your ad reaches customers using devices like smart phones and tablets.

Why can't I post all the information I want?

Free listings offer only basic registration details. To post more information you need a paid package, but don't worry they are quite affordable with no hidden surprises! Each package explains what you get and paying for a year of upgraded services start from $10 per year!

Why has Visit Rockingham County introduced Ratings & Reviews?

Displaying Ratings and Reviews on your business profile page, allows businesses and customers to gather more information about, and gain a better understanding of, each other. Ratings and Reviews can help customers make better, informed decisions as to the exact business or service they require; while businesses can have much greater exposure on the web.  

Reviews on your Business Profile Page will also enable word of mouth to work as a powerful advertising tool for Visit Rockingham County business users, potentially leading to more business lead opportunities. If something appears fake or false, please let us know and we will investigate it.

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